02.08.16As Friedrich Bhaer in Little Women

"I could have listened to Craig Verm, who sang the role of Friederich Bhaer, for hours." - William R. Wineke - channel300.com WISC-TV

02.06.16As Friedrich Bhaer in Little Women

"And as the German teacher Friedrich Bhaer, Craig Verm exhibits remarkable vocal prowess in several brief scenes in Act II. Serenading Jo in his native language, Verm’s gorgeous warm baritone fills the theater while introducing Jo to new authors and new possibilities for her life. (His joke about supertitles in operas also endeared him to the audience.)" - Gwen Rice - The Cap Times

04.10.15As George in Of Mice and Men

"Verm handles this role with aplomb, his robust baritone bringing an almost heroic air to George’s outbursts of anger and frustration, as well as a honeyed sweetness when George allows himself to believe that the dream of a farm of his own might just be within his reach. And the way Verm handles the final scene is heartbreaking." - James D. Watts Jr. - Tulsa World

07.14.14As Onegin with Aspen Opera Theater

"Tall and slender, he appeared as the very personification of Onegin. ... Vocally, his baritone remained assured and attractive." - Opera News (October, online issue)

01.08.14As Pagageno with Pittsburgh Opera

"Craig Verm...with enormous comic flair, made the evening's most vivid impression as a Papageno full of life and energy. Moving with athleticism and migging with unashamed glee, he used his light, lithe baritone to advance the character's satisfaction with his self-admitted human foibles. His Act I duet with Pamina was one of the evening's most touching moments, while his duet with Papagena was at once funny and appropriately sensual." - Opera News (February, online issue)

11.10.13As Papageno with Pittsburgh Opera

Baritone Craig Verm played an appropriately dopey Papageno. He had facility and ease with his body and voice, effectively delivering physical comedy throughout. Despite the humor, he buckled down for serious singing that...was strong. -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

11.10.13As Pagageno with Pittsburgh Opera

Verm's comedic talents were an unending delight, and his singing was consistently solid and well-colored.

07.08.13As Mercutio with Des Moines Metro Opera

Craig Verm’s strapping Mercutio threatened to dominate his every scene, his throbbing baritone powerfully utilized to entertain us mightily with a winning Queen Mab aria. Mr. Verm totally immerses himself in the drama... -Opera Today

02.14.13As Werther with Lyric Opera of Chicago

"In his Lyric Opera debut, Craig Verm displayed an arrestingly vibrant baritone and made good capital of the enhanced dramatic opportunity afforded him as Albert." -Opera News

07.23.12As Papageno with Ash Lawn Opera

...and yummiliscious Craig Verm’s Papageno. Verm so obviously loves what he does for a living it simply exudes that energy in his performance making it clear that he is not only a fabulous singer but a crowd pleasing actor as well. He could easily have a career in film, television, radio (but that would be a waste of his good looks) or stage (dramatic or musical theater). -culturenuts.wordpress.com

10.06.10As the Miller with Gotham Chamber Opera

As the Miller, Craig Verm offered a prime example of what music buffs call a "barihunk," a grand opera voice in a soap opera body. -James Jordan, The New York Post

11.15.08As Tom Joad with Pittsburgh Opera

Among the men, baritone Craig Verm's Tom Joad combined Broadway leading-man looks with a voice in the Alfred Drake-John Raitt tradition. -Opera News